Advanced Helicopter Training

Kestrel’s highly skilled team and state-of-the-art facilities including a Frasca 342 helicopter simulator enable it to offer a unique range of advanced helicopter training solutions to corporate and government organisations.

These include courses to keep flight crews current and enable them to develop and maintain best practice standards, as well as specialized training programs to meet the growing demand for crewmen and professional dispatchers on board passenger helicopters and to service emergency response industry needs.

Multi-Engine Training

Kestrel has been providing multi engine helicopter training for over 24 years.

Programs extend across the light and medium twin range of helicopters, and both single pilot and multi-crew endorsement programs are available.

Crew resource management outcomes can be further enhanced through the integration of these programs with Kestrel’s Frasca 342 helicopter simulator.

Ray Cronin’s extensive testing approvals provide a unique ability to conduct the initial issue of multi-engine training approvals for flight instructors and 217 training captains.

Command Instrument Ratings

Kestrel is one of the few schools to offer a Command Instrument Rating course that combines training in Frasca 342 Bell 206 simulator before switching over to the R22 for flight training and the Bell 412 or 212 (subject to availability) for final training and the test.

Instructor Rating

Kestrel is renowned for its high quality helicopter Instructor Rating training courses. Captain Ray Cronin was the key helicopter training industry representative involved in the development of the first helicopter instructor manual produced by CASA. He was involved in the implementation of CASA’s flight test office and in a major review by CASA of flight test standards for helicopter pilots in Australia.

Instructor Rating training is available throughout the year for a minimum of two candidates per course. Course commencement dates are subject to instructor and candidate availability.

Crewman and Dispatcher Training

Fighting fires in remote alpine areas…rescuing stranded yachtsmen from stormy seas…plucking flood victims from rapidly rising water levels…delivering emergency supplies… whatever the need, dangerous situations call for highly skilled and experienced crews who can carry out their duties with minimal risk to life and limb.

To meet the demand for mission capable personnel Kestrel Aviation has developed a unique range of crewman and dispatcher training courses. These include winch, rappel and dispatcher training, first aid, crew resource management (CRM), line oriented flight training (LOFT) and helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) courses, all tailored to specific operations.

Kestrel’s central Victorian location offers a unique advantage in exposing trainee crewmen to a variety of mountainous terrain and static and running water conditions.

Its fully equipped fleet includes Medium Bell 212 and 412 HP helicopters for rappel training, and a Bell 412 HP and Bell 206L for winch training.

Flight instruction and classroom-based courses are combined with simulator experience where applicable, and all training is tailored to meet specific client and pilot requirements.

Winch and Rappel

Kestrel is a key supplier of medium twin-engine helicopters to the State of Victoria. An essential component of fire suppression support in Victoria is the ability to rappel specialist teams into difficult alpine areas. This enables crews to locate and eradicate any risk caused by lightning strikes or fires that may start in inaccessible areas.

Kestrel’s experience in this field places it in a unique position to offer courses and endorsements to pilots wishing to extend their qualifications.

Winch and Rappel training courses are available subject to aircraft and instructor availability.

Fast Rope

Fast Rope deployment is limited to the armed forces and special operations policing functions. Kestrel offers these courses on a limited basis to clients who require endorsements for pilots and crew.

Fast rope training is available subject to aircraft and instructor availability.

Check and Training Services

Kestrel’s check and training services ensure that the skills sets of pilots and crews are maintained and up to date, and organisations’ training systems are the best they can be.

With CASA approved testing officers on site Kestrel can provide:

  • Whole company check and training solutions, from base checks through to multi engine command instrument rating training and testing.
  • Pilot skills audits covering basic to advanced training, specialising in on-location analysis of flight crews.
  • Flight-testing and qualification renewals.

Kestrel also provides advice and training to companies of all sizes on the implementation and maintenance of training programs appropriate to the organization.

These services include written reports with recommendations for remediation and follow-up training and support where required.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

A common industry complaint in Australia is that Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses are predominantly aeroplane based and the domain of the airline industry.

Kestrel’s helicopter specialization, the extensive experience of Kestrel’s senior pilots in a broad cross section of operational activities, and its long association with training enable Kestrel to offer practical, tailored CRM courses.

CRM courses are available subject to instructor availability and can be tailored to suit particular options. Annual courses for fire operations are currently offered each October.