Remote Access Transport for the Mining Industry

Transporting people, food, fuel, equipment or other supplies into remote areas that can’t be carried in by road? Seeking greater flexibility in an inaccessible location? Needing a stronger link between civilization and your mines?

Kestrel offers specialized helicopter transport solutions to mining and other companies operating in remote areas. Task specific equipment is used to airlift just about anything safely and efficiently into areas that are inaccessible by road transport.

Costs become a major consideration where helicopter transport is the only option. Kestrel works with clients to provide cost-effective solutions for these complex transport needs.

Helicopter Charter

For some the use of a helicopter is an indulgence, used for a special occasion or to make a spectacular entrance.

For others the helicopter is a very specialized tool, designed to deliver a fast and efficient solution to a problem or a need.

It might be as simple as beating the traffic, to get rapidly where you need to be, or it could be to provide life saving relief for people and homes threatened by bushfire. Whatever your need, Kestrel Aviation has the expertise and ability to solve it.

Talk to us about aerial filming and photography, pipeline survey and support, firebombing, fire reconnaissance and incendiary operations, feral animal control, search and rescue, aerial lifting, mining and resource field support, and bulk transport.