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Buy atorvastatin 10 mg daily. This is usually prescribed as an initial dosage and increased until reaching an optimal dose. At each dose, a patient should be instructed about the benefits and risks. A number of clinical studies have been conducted to assess the benefits and risks of statins. One study examined the effects of pravastatin on cardiovascular disease (CVD). In this study, the investigators found that higher doses of pravastatin may increase CVD risk by decreasing HDL cholesterol and increasing the ratio of LDL to total cholesterol.22 In addition, a study of middle-aged men with high high-density low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), those assigned to receive 40 mg statin for 6 months had a higher incidence of CVD mortality than the best online pharmacy to buy pain meds non-intervention group, although investigators did not attribute this to statin exposure.23 A study in middle-aged women with normal cholesterol levels found that pravastatin was superior (p < 0.001) to placebo for suppressing the incidence of CAD.24 One study found that patients with established CAD and LDL-C levels were found to benefit from 20 mg/day of pravastatin and placebo for 6 months.25 A randomized clinical trial (RCT) in patients with normal LDL-C did find that pravastatin reduced LDL-C level by a mean of 3.4mmol/L and 2.3mmol/L (p = 0.06 p 0.15, respectively) at 6 months follow-up, compared to a mean reduction of 0.6mmol/L (p = 0.14).26 One study analyzed the efficacy of pravastatin and simvastatin at 20 40 mg doses and also found that both treatments resulted in Acheter viagra sans ordonnance au quebec a significant reduction the incidence of MI and stroke.27 In a randomized controlled trial, the use of pravastatin at 12 weeks in patients with known CAD found a 12% reduction in the relative risk of MI at 6 months follow-up and a 27% reduction in the risk of stroke at 12-months.18 This is a significant reduction in the risk of MI and an 8% reduction in stroke compared to placebo this open-label study. Although a large, long-term, controlled (n = 11,000) trial comparing pravastatin (40 mg/day) to simvastatin found a reduction in CHD events (CVD events) at 8-months that was 5.4-fold in the control arm, authors also concluded that the study did not identify any significant difference in the incidence of other outcomes with pravastatin.28 In another RCT, pravastatin is shown to reduce risk of CHD mortality in participants with known or suspected atrial fibrillation (AF).19 Based on these large and controlled trials, the Institute of Medicine recommended that the US Preventive Services Task Force (USP)

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Lipitor is used for lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides in certain patients.

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