Ray Cronin’s appointment to the Flight Crew Licensing Sub-committee

June 2015

Ray Cronin has been appointed to the FCL Sub-committee as the AHIA industry representative, this appointment is seen as an important step in the consultative process with the regulator in relation to the implementation and amendments of regulatory procedures.
With the weight of the impact of Part 61 on or industry engagement with CASA at a high level will assist with providing workable solutions where unintended consequences of the implementation are identified and where fine tuning of the Manual of Standards is required.
The rate of regulatory change is proving difficult to keep up with however CASA management are careful to minimise disruption to industry, therefore by engaging senior industry involvement on such committees is able to ensure that relevant highly experienced opinion is accessed.
Many issues are currently on the table for the FCL Sub-committee meaning a high workload for sometime into the future.
“It is critical to the betterment of the helicopter industry that the AHIA and its members are represented at the drafting, implementation and post implementation levels of any regulatory changes. Our involvement on the FCL Sub-committee and other forums will ensure that this occurs”, Ray Cronin says.