Kestrel Headquarters

In 2010, having outgrown its facilities, Kestrel purchased a property adjacent to Mangalore Airport, where it has constructed a 2000 square metre complex which houses a large hangar space, workshop areas, dedicated Operations Centre, simulator centre, crew rooms, administration and crew accommodation.

Hangar, Workshops and Storage

The large hangar and adjacent workshops cater for all of the fleet maintenance and overhaul needs, now in the final stages of its Part 145 approval shifting from the old regulatory CAR 30 requirements this will bring the company’s maintenance to industry best practice both physically and regulatory sense.

Mangalore Location

Kestrel’s location at Mangalore, 1.5 hours north of Melbourne and 1 hour north of Melbourne airport, provides an ideal environment in a stable climate region with few disruptions from weather such as fog and low cloud. This facilitates efficient task completion and ensures on-time achievement of training programs.

Located in the scenic countryside of the Goulburn Valley Region, Mangalore is strategically based just north of the Great Dividing Range, which separates Mangalore from Melbourne. While this has significant impact on the type of weather conditions encountered, it is still only a 100km drive to the city centre of Melbourne.

Melbourne is approximately 20 minutes away to the south by air. To the east, also about 20 minutes flying time, lie the mountainous areas of the ski resorts at Mount Buller and the ‘High Country’. This allows students to experience a large spectrum of weather conditions and terrain.