Annual Staff De-brief

May 2013

On Tuesday 30 April, Kestrel employees climbed aboard two of their helicopters and set off the the Fraser Island Retreat in the Southern Gippsland region for the annual ‘end of fire season’ de-brief. The 2 day briefing proved to be extremely productive, with some time for fun and relaxation at the end of the day.

The briefing started with an overview delivered by Managing Director Raymond Cronin of the 2012/13 fire season. Staff had been given the opportunity to provide feedback on the season prior to the de-brief; what we had done well, and areas that we could improve on. This feedback proved extremely valuable and with the biggest fire season ever in Victoria behind us, this was the perfect opportunity to involve all staff in improving existing systems and implementing new systems and procedures where required to ensure that the services provided to the government agencies is always the best that it possibly can be.

Kestrel’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff all contributed to the de-brief and the breadth of experience and capability amongst the flight crew, engineers and administration staff was evident throughout all of the sessions. With a dispatch rate for the contracted fleet of 99.98%, all staff can be proud of working together as an effective team; new procedures for the coming fire season will focus on gaining more efficiencies and keeping ahead with research and development.

At the end of the de-brief, Shirley remained unbeaten and was declared the table tennis champion, and Ray voted himself best and fairest on the golf course. The accommodation, facilities and catering at the Fraser Island Resort were absolutely fabulous and it was with some sadness that we all headed back to Mangalore on the third day.